Saturday, 25 July 2015

Four piers in one day

Guess where we've been today. Here's a clue.

Yes, we've been to the seaside. We took the train from Wigan North Western to ... well, here's another clue.

Right again. Blackpool. Jan had never been, and it will have been more than 35 years since I went. We had our bikes with us, so we were able to cycle along the promenade south to the pleasure beach and the roller coaster (I was tempted but Jan wouldn't have ridden it if you'd paid her) and north to the quieter end of the beach, encompassing the three piers. It was a lovely sunny day but with a cool onshore breeze.

The fourth pier, then? We left our mooring in Wigan to continue towards Liverpool, passing the famous Wigan Pier or coal tippler on the way.

We tied up at Crooke where we went for a walk and I sampled the Allgates Black ale in the Crooke Hall Inn. And very tasty it was too.

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