Wednesday, 4 June 2014

What and where - wider

So ... you didn't know what yesterday's photo was? Perhaps this wider view will help.

What is it, and where might you see it?


KevinTOO said...

Oh dear, about to make a fool of myself again... LOL

Is it mould growing on a sliced loaf of bread?

Sue said...

Well Vic is useless at my winter wassats but he thought this might be found in a tunnel.. He said Shrewley tunnel. Well we have just gone through that and my eyes are dead ahead so I didn't see it!

Sarah said...

Yes, it's stalactitey deposits in a tunnel, though I couldn't say which one. What's the last one I went through? Could be that.

Halfie said...

KevinTOO, no, not mould.

Sue, yes, in a tunnel, but not Shrewley.

Sarah, yes, stalactite formation in a tunnel ... but which one? (More to be revealed shortly.)

Sue said...

Well the only stalacites I have seen are in Dudley Tunnel and Vic says he has seen them but cant remember which tunnel!

I just glue my eyes ahead when going through tunnels, I cant even dare myself to look at the arrows to see if I am half way!

But through Dudley on the trip boat I could really relax. Hey that was a few years ago too I think too!