Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Interesting cloud formation, and boating coming up

When I came out of our local (Norfolk) shop yesterday evening I noticed the sky was full of interesting clouds. Of course I didn't have my camera on me, but there was still enough of the formation left when I took some photos a few minutes later.

I shall be seeing a lot more sky next week, when I crew for David and Mary on Kew as they take their boat to the Stratford festival. I think the route will be Birmingham and Fazeley, Birmingham Canal, Staffs and Worcs, Severn and Avon. (Or we might be going down the Worcester and Birmingham - it's up to David.) I'm helping only for the first part of the trip; I shall be leaving the boat at Worcester.

After the festival David will be making an attempt on the Stratford Canal to see if Kew will fit through the tight locks. One lock in particular caused problems the last time Kew headed down the Stratford. It will be interesting to see how Sarah and Jim get on with Chertsey as they are going the other way round, i.e. canals first and then the rivers.

Today I bought a spare inner tube for my folding bike: you might recall how patched up the tube from the back tyre is now!

This is all from the towpath, mostly while lock wheeling. (I bought some more patches too.)

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