Monday, 16 June 2014

Steering position seat

I was a busy boy last week. Another little job I tackled was the construction, if that's not too fancy a word, of a seat to go on the part of the roof between the slide and the handrail.

A seat, you ask? But that's a ladder!

Yes, but turn it up the other way and it becomes a finely crafted bottom-perch.

It's good to be able to be up high sometimes when steering. Although made from scrap bits and pieces, this replaces the three bits of wood which I used to use. All it needs is a bit of leatherette covering and it might not look quite such a bodge. Jan says she wants one too.


Sarah said...

On one trip, the collected journalism of George Orwell served that purpose for me.

Halfie said...

I wanted something which would withstand the rain.