Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Repainting the stove

The stove and its flue have been looking decidedly off colour lately - where the colour in question is black. There's been a fair amount of rust appearing.

This is where the flue joins the stove - after I wirebrushed it.

Should I refill the joints? And what with?

Just before leaving the boat last week I painted it with Calfire Stovebright high temperature paint...

... which makes it look better, but I think I should probably do something about the joints before using it next.


Sue said...

Yeah maybe you should have done the joints before.

Every year before we re-black we use Bond-It HT30 with success. Under £6 for a new tube is inexpensive but does the trick.

Re-blacking done.. let's hope we don't get any cool evenings now!

Sarah said...

I like the red heatproof silicone. Easily covered with blacking.

Halfie said...

Presumably HT30 is similar to Plumba Flue, a tube of which I bought recently thinking I'd need it to seal around the outside of the collar where it sits on the cabin top. I'll use that now for the internal joints and then black over it.