Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Watery Ways

I got a surprise when catching up on my Canal Boat magazine today (yes, I know the next issue will be out soon - I'm rationing myself!)

Val Poore, formerly known as VallyP, a regular commenter on my and many others' blogs, has written a book called Watery Ways. It's reviewed on page 15 of the current (April 2013) Canal Boat.

Now I know I shouldn't be surprised. I have looked at Val's blog before and knew she was an author, but I confess I hadn't kept up-to-date with her books' progress - she has written at least three.

So what is Watery Ways about? Borrowing from CB:

"This is the story of the author's adventures amongst the historic craft in the Oude Haven harbour in Rotterdam. After a marriage break-up she is trying to make a new home aboard an unconverted ex-working barge. The harbour community supports her as she struggles to learn the language and to install a basic water and electricity supply, and refurbish the woodwork of the old cabin ... Romance and travel feature strongly ... It's a personal story, set against the background of a waterways community rather different from our own."

Sounds like one for Captain Ahab to read and review.

Val, I wish you every success with your writing.


Neil Corbett said...

I'm part way through reading it. Quite interesting so far,

Val Poore said...

Thank you, Halfie! You say you were surprised to come across it in the magazine. Well, imagine how surprised I was to come here and find this blog post too...after all, I'm just a visitor the fact I had no idea it was being mentioned elsewhere. Goodness!

And Neil, thanks for reading it too.