Monday, 4 March 2013

Three Underground photos

On a recent trip to London I managed to grab (from the train from Cambridge to Liverpool Street) a shot of the Victoria Line's Northumberland Park tube train depot.

Not a great shot - I had to scrabble for the camera as usual!

Here's another snatched shot - before the doors closed - of part of Baker Street Station. I must try to get round all the Underground stations at some time (perhaps when I've retired) as there are some gems of Victoriana to be found. A better shot of Baker Street Station was the other side of the tracks (this was from the Circle/Hammersmith and City line). Unfortunately another train was in the way.

Not all Underground lines and stations are underground. The early sub-surface lines such as this one used the cut-and-cover method of construction.

Who'd like to join me in an exploration of the Underground? (I can't imagine it would appeal to Jan!) I'd have to cover every inch of the network (much as I'd like to do the entire connected inland waterway system eventually!) but not all in one day. I don't suppose you can get Rover tickets these days, but I'd just take my Oyster card to the max...


Jim said...

I might be up for that and I even have an Oystercard! Although a Zone 6 (?) Travelcard would also cover it.

Halfie said...

Zone 6 would certainly cover most of it, but Metropolitan Line stations from Rickmansworth to Amersham are in Zones 7-9. It would be fun to do London Overground too, especially as that's the only way to travel through the first underwater tunnel in the world, on the East London line.

I'd be honoured to have you accompany me, Jim. Let's let the idea mature a little before making plans.

Neil Corbett said...

Much rather do the London bus routes. More to see and people of a certain age (i.e. me) could do it free.


Halfie said...

I'll give that one a miss, Neil, but it sounds right up Jim's street.

Jim said...

Neil, Yes - but only if I can do them in numerical order!
John, Wasn't the East London Line once part of the Underground?
For some inexplicable reason I've always wanted to do the Gospel Oak - Barking line! (perhaps the clue is in the destination :-)

Halfie said...

Jim, yes it was. I remember it as the East London Section of the Metropolitan Line. In their last years my grandparents lived in New Cross. I would go off on my own and explore the Brunel tunnel. Of course, I'd have had to buy an Underground ticket to Shoreditch and back - great fun! (Although in those days you could get away with a ticket for one stop only - and then "forget" to get off, simply coming back when you felt like it!) This line was influential in my love of the Underground.