Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Route planning: the Erewash beckons

I spent some time today in the pleasurable pursuit of canal route planning. This is for our two week Easter "retirement" cruise on Shadow.

We haven't explored the Erewash Canal before, so I consulted a map, then CanalPlanAC. Going north on the Oxford, Coventry and Trent & Mersey Canals; then up and down the Erewash; across the Trent and up the Soar, along the Leicester Section and back to Wigram's Turn via Braunston - with a detour to Market Harborough - comes to 199.5 miles and 131 locks, taking 95.5 hours. If I allow 12 days (to give a day in hand for stopping/exploring etc.) then that's 8 hours per day. Easy peasy.

That's the current thinking, anyway.

Can you identify the location of the photo? Bonus "points" for getting the time of year (although this might be easier than the location!)


Amy said...

Oh, maybe we will see you coming the other way! We will be heading down the Erewash from Langley Mill at Easter!

Halfie said...

That would be good - you could show me your pride and joy! We haven't yet decided which way we'll go though. If we go north Oxford/Coventry/T&M and return Soar/Leicester Section we'll probably not catch you up.