Sunday, 3 March 2013

CRT tries to patch over its BW past

I received my first licence renewal from CRT yesterday. Have I really had Jubilee for a year already? Well, no. Not quite. As I bought the boat in April last year, even though it was very nearly the end of that month, I had to licence it as from the beginning.

So, now, the renewal. The Canal and River Trust is trying very hard to eradicate all signs - literally - of its predecessor, British Waterways. With the renewal form came two stickers for me to cover up the BW-ness of the licence plates, should I choose to do so. I choose not to do so. And I can't imagine that anyone will. To start with, many boat owners have the licence number incorporated in the signwriting. The thought of anyone plastering a sticker over any BW logo is laughable. And who will bother to do the same to their aluminium licence plates?

Despite its best efforts, some BW terminology has escaped CRT's red pencil.

At one point in the paperwork comes the invitation to send my "BW customer number" to CRT.

Not that it really matters.

I renewed online. £804.60 (prompt payment rate). Unfortunately for me, I just catch the above-inflation increase coming into effect with this renewal.



Sue said...

My sign writer from the depths of Grubb Street Cutting put 'BW' + number.. Good enough for me!

Can you imagine the uproar from the historical boats having to cover up their number prefix!?

No Direction said...

Someone at Kings Bromley thinks the same, I found 2 of those stickers blowing around last week and put them in the bin, now I know what they are.

Graham and Jill Findlay said...

I wondered what they were for when mine arrived with my new licence. Thank's for enlightening me. Too late though, they have already been filed in the kitchen filing cabinet.

Alf said...

Another waste of OUR money !!