Friday, 8 March 2013

New licence has arrived from CRT - but do they want me to pay again?

Six days ago I received an invitation from Canal and River Trust to renew the licence for Jubilee. Then next day I did so online. The day after that the money left my bank account. Three days later (yesterday) the new licence came in the post. Quick service, CRT, have a brownie point.

Ally and Ben are visiting us near the end of this month - I'll have to try to remember to give them the relevant bits to stick in the windows.

I was a little surprised to receive with the new licence an invoice for what looks like another £804.60. But I've already paid! That's why CRT sent me the licence! Nowhere on the invoice does it acknowledge my payment.

I don't find this terribly friendly. It's a good thing, in one way, that the amount is so large. Even I am unlikely to forget that I've paid.

I'll have that brownie point back.


Tom and Jan said...

I'm slightly confused. Your boat is "Jubilee" but the photo of the boat on the blog banner has the name "Shadow"?

Halfie said...

Ah yes, Tom and Jan. Shadow is our shared ownership boat, which we have part-owned for more than a decade. Jubilee is the boat we bought last year for our eventual use. In the meantime our daughter and son-in-law are living on it in Milton Keynes while they save up to buy a house. When they have done so we'll sell our share in Shadow and have Jubilee for our sole use.