Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Where's the weir?

Just two days before we watched the antics of the kayakers on the Dee Weir in Chester, the river was up and the tide was in.

Compare this picture to those on yesterday's post. There's a weir here somewhere, but you'd hardly know it.

All I could see was a couple of cormorants drying their wings.

All right, one drying and one watching me.

Just upstream of this point is the suspension footbridge, Queen's Park Bridge. I took the photo for the river lapping over the promenade.

Queen's Park Bridge was built almost a hundred years after Telford's Menai Bridge.

From the meadows on the other side of the river we saw interesting buildings ...

... and posh gardens.

One day I'd like to follow in the Tuesday Night Club's wake and navigate this bit of the Dee. Would be a bit hairy though.


nb AmyJo said...

Hi Halfie
Living in Chester I too would love to attempt a trip in AmyJo on the Dee some day, perhaps we could form a convoy and make a rally of it.

A friend of mine gave me some info about a boat called Auriga that did that trip. I blogged about it at http://www.nbamyjo.com/?zx=cc7a44a868737541 if you are interested

Halfie said...

Thanks for this, Steve. Did you read the Tuesday Night Club's trip report as well? (linked to in my post).

Yes, when we have our boat back from our daughter it would be good at some time to team up for the attempt. Not sure Jan would be too keen, though.

What a fabulous place Chester is, by the way!

nb AmyJo said...

Halfie, glad you like Chester. We'll make that a date.

The Tuesday club trip report was what roused my interest in the first place. If you get the Canal boat mag there is also a write up about it in this months copy. I'm hoping the rally in June will fire enthusiasm to get something done.

Are you still around the Chester area by the way?

Halfie said...

Yes, I get Canal Boat. The latest issue came through the door this afternoon. I'll have another look at last month's.

No, we're now back home in Norwich.