Saturday, 26 October 2013

Battening down ...

We're back on Jubilee for a day or two, but we won't be moving from the marina. There's still wallpaper scraping to do at Ally and Ben's house!

I'm a little concerned for the solar panels on the roof (of the boat). High winds are forecast for Sunday night, and I don't want the panels blowing off. It has gusted a bit this evening, but I'm hoping that nothing untoward will happen until I've had a chance to inspect it all in the morning.

The marina is rather exposed, so we will catch any winds going. The panels are relying on gravity to hold them down, plus there's a scrap or two of thinnish rope attaching a corner of each panel to the roof furniture supports. In an attempt to make the panels heavier I've rested the gangplank on top. I don't know if this is a good idea.

Tomorrow I'll see if I can thread a rope between fender fixing points (on the gunnels) over the panels to hold them in place (Ben's idea).


Getting to Thrupp Wharf Marina from Wolverton this evening was trickier than usual. A police car had closed the A508 from the A5 roundabout, so I drove up to Potterspury to try to approach from the other direction on the A508. Unfortunately the road was also closed from the other side of the road to the marina. The police wouldn't let me through as there had been an accident this side - so I had to return to the A5 roundabout and get the police to let me through that way, which, fortunately, they did. The alternative would have been a half-hour drive!

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