Saturday, 5 October 2013

Electromagnetic chimney by the Tame Valley Canal

12th September 2013 (yes, I'm jumping around a bit)

Just after emerging from the tangle of flyovers above Salford Junction, heading north west on the Tame Valley Canal, there's an old factory chimney on the left (south side).

What's interesting about this chimney is the electromagnet design on four of its eight sides.

Looking at a road map of the area I see there's an Electric Avenue in about the same location. Long may it remain.


NB Holderness said...

Hi There, I think that the factory belonged to the General Electric Company and they used to make toasters and other household stuff and then moved into industrial transformers and the like and finally into telephone exchanges etc before fading away all together. It isn't quite as nice as Junction Mills Chimney at Dunkinfield Junction, Ashton.
Cheers, Tony P on Holderness

Halfie said...

Thanks Tony. Interesting stuff.