Tuesday, 1 October 2013

A walk with mushrooms, spiders and horses

Last Saturday we joined the local walking group for a walk in Thetford Forest. We had excellent weather and there was lots of interest. We were never far from the river Little Ouse, which becomes navigable at Brandon, only a few miles downstream. These horses crossed the river while we walked over a footbridge.

Nearby was a field of spiders' webs.

I expect the spiders' webs are always there, it's just that we can't usually see them without the help of the right amount of dew "developing" the picture.

As we walked along we found a variety of mushrooms.

Tony picked this beauty for cooking later.

We walked between pines ...

... and stopped at a convenient log for coffee.

There were lots of large parasol mushrooms,

some looking like Mexican hats.

Camera on the ground shot.

It's good to get out and walk.

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