Friday, 4 October 2013

Weed island blocks bridge hole

13th September 2013

As we paused for lunch at Tame Valley (or Doe Bank) Junction I noticed that the Walsall canal behind us was completely blocked by a mass of weed.

What causes these plants to float free and then coalesce? Is it a natural phenomenon, the means by which the plants propagate? Or have they been cut loose some distance upstream as part of a weed management programme, and left in the cut to get twisted round propellers and caught in bridge holes?

The Walsall Canal was not very busy. I expect the weed island stayed blocking Doe Bank Bridge for a while.


Tom and Jan said...

That grass looks very similar to the large clump blocking our exit from the top lock on the Ryders Green flight.

Halfie said...

Unlikely to be the same one, though, as this was below the locks a week before you found it at the top of them! Unless a boater took it up the flight ... as I said, unlikely!