Saturday, 6 August 2011

Reflections on Wordsley Junction

Well done to Paul, who correctly deduced that the ripply reflection in yesterday's post was the sign at Wordsley Junction, where the Stourbridge Town Arm joins the Stourbridge Canal.

Paul evidently relished the challenge. This is what he wrote, after I confirmed that he'd got it right:

Phew, that took a bit of detective work, The final piece in the jigsaw was if you go to Nb Epiphany's blog, to 15 December 2009, they have the other half to your photo too, the sign been repaired since then obviously.

We were there on 9th April, experiencing the thrill of exploring waters new to us.

Perhaps I should have made yesterday's puzzle harder. Would you have got it from this next photo?

I love the way the fence's top rail wiggles so smoothly; and the way in which, just for an instant, one of the arms of the sign has broken off into a circle lying on the water.

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VallyP said...

There is a forum here called Waar is dit? Maybe you should start something similar, Halfie. It can be great fun working out where places are from 'obscure' photos.