Wednesday, 17 August 2011

More foam and Glasshouse Bridge

9th April 2011

After our there-and-back along the Town Arm to Stourbridge it was time to go up the Stourbridge Sixteen. Foam in the locks indicates detergent, I suppose.

There's plenty of interest in the old buildings, with Redhouse Cone indicating the presence of glassworks. Jan's about to steer under Glasshouse Bridge.

Now I must get the next batch of photos from the laptop and load them onto this Mac - but first I have to clear a bit of space for them. I'm beginning to think that I should have been a little more organised on the photo labelling front, and possibly not quite so snap-happy! But then I often find myself wishing I'd taken more pictures ...

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VallyP said...

This all looks too lovely! I'd love to follow your route one of these days