Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Repair to collapsing towpath on Worcester and Birmingham Canal

We moved from Cambrian Wharf in Birmingham to the top end of the Stratford Canal today. On the way, in the Selly Oak/Bournville area, we passed what looked like a load of rubbish dumped in the cut.

As we passed I could see that it was builders' sacks filled with stone positioned against steel posts to try to prevent the towpath collapsing further. Not a terribly elegant solution, but I suppose the canal is wide enough here and you don't get many moorers.

Went for a fab curry at the Sweet Chillies this evening - our favourite curry house.


Vallypee said...

Just caught up with your festival posts, Halfie. It sounds as if you had a great, if noisy, time!So colourful!

Mrs.D said...

Another curry house! I'm still expecting a book on the curry houses easily accessible from the canal system or at least a regular article in The Word.

Halfie said...

Could do it as a supplement to the Church Directory!