Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Budgerigar comes for an unexpected ride

Just below Lime Kiln Lock on the Staffs and Worcs Jan was most surprised when a budgerigar flew down from the trees and landed on a solar panel in front of her.

Budgie stayed for the ride up the lock and showed no sign of wanting to fly away, even when we got close in order to take photos.

Just as we were wondering what to do with it a cruiser arrived to go down the lock. As I started cycling on to the next lock I mentioned to the crew of the boat what had happened, expecting them to be slightly interested but no more. I was as surprised as Jan had been when Budgie turned up to learn that Sue on the cruiser was not only very interested, but was known as the "bird lady", having an aviary at home with as many as 500 birds at one time. Sue looked at the bird and diagnosed that he had probably run out of seed and was therefore hungry and weak. Being a domesticated bird he did not know how to forage for food in the wild. She picked him up and took him back to her boat (Lapwing) to care for him.

What are the chances of a) a budgerigar hitching a lift on your boat - in the middle of nowhere - and b) the very next person you meet being a bird expert? Astonishing!

Earlier we had tied up below Rodbaston Lock, within earshot of the M6, to have lunch. We are travelling for a few days with NB Kew.

We passed Tycho at Hatherton Junction. It was interesting to see some fibreglass "blue tops" - as on Kew - incorporated in the boat. But what is the curious fender extension thingy at the bow? Does it do push tug operations somewhere?


Adam said...

Typhoon is an ice breaker.

Halfie said...

It had crossed my mind that Tycho might be an icebreaker, but I don't think I've seen that bow extension on other icebreakers. It looks like it could deal with icebergs!

Anonymous said...

Sickle used to have one too