Friday, 11 September 2015

Lifting. Some of it heavy.

After breakfast I was going to go volunteering. Only before I'd even had a cup of tea we became aware of a boat in difficulty by us. Therese, on a boat with no name, had her bow in the reeds and obviously didn't know how to extricate herself. I offered to help, and found myself accompanying her to the next winding hole and back. When she was safely tied up alongside us I had my cold toast and tea and went to see what I could do at the festival site. As there was nothing specific for me to do I took it upon myself to hoik flotsam out of the canal for a couple of hours. I filled a bin liner with plastic bottles, bags and a wheely bin lid. Oh, and a clip board and two highlighters.

After lunch I did a lot of metal fence moving and more rubbish operations before treating myself to a pot of tea.

Then I chatted to Andy Tidy before meeting up with Jan and others for the evening meal from the boaters' on site catering facility. We had the pork stew, which was very good.

In the beer tent we talked to Simon of Lady, a boat I'd seen moored up on the site.

Sorry there are no photos today - I thought my camera would get in the way of jobs.

Tomorrow the Black Country Boating Festival is open to the public.

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