Thursday, 16 April 2015

On the move with a plan

We said our goodbyes to our friends at Fazeley this afternoon and set off on the next part of our 2015 cruise. We're heading towards Birmingham, so we're still on the Birmingham and Fazeley Canal.

It has been another sunny day, not as warm as yesterday, but good spring weather nonetheless. This is Fisher's Mill Bridge.

The birds were twittering away, especially just before the winding hole at the foot of Curdworth Locks. We tied up just before the lock landing, ready for a cycle round the waterpark in the morning before starting the climb towards Birmingham.

The plan is this:
  • Birmingham, where I will knock off one of the only bits of the navigable BCN I haven't done - the Titford Canal. (I believe the only other part I haven't cruised - or should I say legged - is the Dudley Tunnel. One day ...)
  • Wolverhampton
  • Shroppie to Barbridge Junction
  • Middlewich Branch to Middlewich
  • T&M to Anderton Lift
  • River Weaver to Weston Point and back to the lift
  • T&M to Fradley (might squeeze in a visit to the Caldon Canal on the way)
  • Coventry Canal to Sutton Stop
  • Oxford Canal to Braunston
  • GU to Crick for the show, where we'll help at the BCF stand
Of course, things might change, but I feel happier now we have worked out a rough schedule.

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