Friday, 3 April 2015

Good Friday events ending at the Pretty Pigs

Today our gathering of boats moved on a couple of miles to Amington/Alvecote. Before we did so, however, we took part in a Good Friday procession starting from Tamworth Castle. Here are the boats - all nine of them - above Glascote Locks at the start of the day (which, incidentally, is our 33rd wedding anniversary (we must be OLD!)).

About 200 people followed the cross to the market place, opposite St. Editha's Church ...

... where an open-air service was held.

After this some of us enjoyed a very welcome coffee and hot cross bun (toasted) in the nearby Methodist Church café. Then it was into the three hour service in St. Editha's. People were free to come and go - no compulsion to stay for the whole lot - but Jan and I and several others from the BCF ended up lasting the distance as it was so good. The service took the form of a short talk followed by a few minutes' silence in which to ponder what had just been said. Then a hymn leading into the next talk, and so on. There were eight of these sections in all, each focusing on a character connected with the events of Jesus's crucifixion.

My tummy rumbled only at the end of this! Fortunately we had prepared for such an eventuality and we ate a sandwich or two before returning to the boat. At about 1700 we cruised to Bridge 64 and walked to the Pretty Pigs pub for a Crown Carvery meal. Here are four of our number getting stuck in: John, Jane, Pat and Tony.

Tomorrow looks like being a quieter day; the only things on the schedule are an hour's cruise to Polesworth for a Service of Light at 8pm at Polesworth Abbey. Must remember to get a paper before we leave Amington ...

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