Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Andrew introduces us to a Sheffield delicacy: the pork sandwich

After a foggy start the sun soon got going, bringing T-shirt weather. We had a day out in Sheffield, visiting Andrew and Bekka. I had left the car in Fazeley for this purpose; I'll drive home next week and return to the boat by train.

We arrived at lunch time; Andrew suggested going to Crookes for a "pork sandwich". This is, apparently, a local fast food fashion. Crookes is an area of the city which is home to a branch of Béres, the best (according to Andrew) pork sandwich shop. It consists of a "bread cake" (bap) sliced in two, dipped in juices and filled with slices of pork from a freshly roasted joint. Andrew said that it's best to ask for it "with everything", so we did. It comes with apple sauce, stuffing and crackling ("crackles" in their terminology) and is served in its own paper bag.

We ate them at Bole Hill ...

... overlooking the Rivelin valley and Stannington beyond. My pork sandwich was very nice, but I could have done with another one.

As soon as we had finished Andrew led us on a walk, together with Caspar the dog, down to the river and a park café there for an ice cream. Then we walked along the river Rivelin past remains of mills. Two grooves for the mill wheel are visible to the right of the arch.

And look at this paddle gear by the derelict mill leat or goit. Remind you of anything? Yes, it's the same as on some locks on the Calder and Hebble, those operated by a hand spike.

Before I sign off today, here's a daft sign at Tibshelf Services on the M1.

"Do not leave any items in your vehicle".

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Sarah said...

I had one with roast potatoes in once. And gravy of course.
You were only just up the road from me - Crookes is one of my favourite charity shopping destinations.