Saturday, 3 May 2014

What and where?



In today's news... Jan and I gave a talk on the Boaters' Christian Fellowship this morning to a small group of people in our village. I was up until 0130 preparing the powerpoint slides! As well as talking about what the BCF does I gave a bit of canal history and talked about about our own boating. I think it went down reasonably well, even though we overran slightly.

This afternoon I changed the oil and filter in Ally's car. She came over yesterday to do some marking and other school work. I could hardly believe the odometer reading in her car: 167,888 miles. It's a 14-year-old Ford Focus, and it's done almost as many miles as our twice-as-old Volvo 240.


Anonymous said...

That's nothing, In our 15 year old Renault, we have just reached 50,000 miles. I haven't quite caught up on the bike. HS

Val Poore said...

Nice titbits, Halfie :-) Nice pic as well!

Bill.S said...

I think it might not be a 'proper' navigable canal tunnel. But it could be a culvert through a canal embankment. Might even be called an aqueduct. No idea where though.

Of course, if I'm right, it will look like a canal tunnel because it is a tunnel built by canal contractors using their standard techniques. The bell-mouth at the near end has something of early Telford about it.

Halfie said...

Bill.S, you are right. It is an aqueduct on the Grand Union at Weedon. The waterway underneath is a tributary of the River Nene. I don't know who built it.