Monday, 12 May 2014

Hull blacking: the lifting out. With pictures.

As promised, here is an account of Jubilee's hull blacking process at Debdale Wharf Marina - this time with pictures.

It was on the Monday afternoon that we were told to enter the narrow channel.

Once we'd stopped and cut the engine, Dean from the boatyard pulled Jubilee forward over the straps which were resting on the bottom.

And then, in no time at all, Dean was pressing the button energising the motor to begin the lift.

One slight readjustment ...

... and Jubilee came clean out of the water, perfectly level.

It could have been a scary moment, but I felt totally calm, trusting Dean and his straps completely. It helped to have witnessed several lifting operations that morning where the boats before us were being taken to the covered sheds. (Now, that was scary. The boats were put onto a trailer with squishy tyres which was then hauled, lurching, up a steepish slope at the start of their journey. That will have to be another post.)

This was my first look below the waterline, and it wasn't a pleasant sight. Two years of mostly marina-dwelling had taken its toll.

There's plenty of life in the sacrificial anodes. I hope they've been doing their job.

Before the pressure washing Dean removed the bow and stern fenders.

To my untrained eye the prop looks in good shape.

It's reassuring to see the nut and split pin.

Next post: the pressure washing.

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Val Poore said...

I know that feeling very well…the nasty signs of rusting, Hope it all went well!