Friday, 16 May 2014

Passing historic boats at Foxton

16th April 2014

As soon as we were back on water at Debdale Wharf we headed for Foxton where we were to meet Ally. We turned left onto the Market Harborough arm and started passing a few early arrivals for the HNBC gathering of historic boats. We were to see quite a lot of Crane later, when we made our way back south after the weekend. In front of Crane is Enterprise.

Boats have to be kept in tip-top condition, even when tied up on the outside.

Bath completes this brief collection of boat photos.

Back to the present, and I shall be single-handing Jubilee up Stoke Bruerne locks late on Monday afternoon; then up the Buckby flight on Tuesday afternoon; and up Watford locks on Wednesday morning. That's the plan, anyway. There may be boats to share the first two set of locks with - if not, I shall take it slowly.

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