Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Model boats at Sheringham; and a proper locomotive on the North Norfolk Railway

We saw this lifeboat on the water at Sheringham in Norfolk yesterday.

As we walked alongside the boating pool the man controlling the boat, on the other side of the pool, caused it to come right up to us. There was an impressive sailing boat too, which you can just see in the next photo.

One of the reasons we came to the north Norfolk coast was for me to get my fix of old railway stuff. It happened to be "Thomas" day (as in "the Tank Engine") so Weybourne Station was swarming with young children and their parents/grandparents. Not as pleasant a place to be as usual.

But - hooray - towards the end of the day's timetable a diesel loco was put into service.

That's more like it!

A few minutes before I took the above photo we saw the same train coming up from Sheringham. Yes, that's the sea in the background.

And to show that I have nothing against steam, here's the same coach set pulled by a steam loco (with a silly "Thomas" face on).

If you click on the last photo to enlarge it you might just be able to make out the wind turbines of the Sheringham Shoal wind farm.


Simon said...

Deltic or Class 37? ;-)

Halfie said...

Class 37 (but I had to look it up).