Thursday, 15 May 2014

Back in the water

While Jubilee was at the boatyard we were able to carry on sleeping aboard at night. It was weird being so high up (about six feet from the gunwale to the ground).

On the Tuesday evening we walked across the fields to the Black Horse pub for a drink (and a game of darts!) We returned to Debdale Wharf along the towpath. Here's the Bridge 61 pub at night:

I couldn't find any paint the right shade of red for the lower tunnel band, so I blagged some from the boatyard. I refreshed the dollies at the same time.

So, freshly blacked, Jubilee is ready to be dropped - sorry, gently lowered - back into the water.

One man from the boatyard did all the work, Dean, who did a sterling job. Nicky Goode in the office was most helpful too. The whole thing went without a hitch.


I'm not going to be precious about the fresh look: I shall continue to cruise with the side fenders up, using them only when moored. After the 31 locks on the way back to Thrupp Wharf I suspect there are already one or two slightly less black bits.

The next major change in Jubilee's looks will be the signwriting. We haven't managed to sort this out yet: my preferred choice of signwriter is proving difficult to book. Perhaps we'll find someone at the Crick show.

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