Saturday, 7 December 2013

What a lot of bollards!

Well done to Bill S. who correctly identified the splendid bridge as one over the River Soar where it branches off from the Leicester Section of the GU in Leicester. Credit is due too to KevinTOO who came very close.

Just north of the bridge seems to be rather a surfeit of bollards.


"Yesterday's" bridge is immediately beyond the line of bollards. You can't really see the bridge itself, but you can see where the towpath rises over it.


I have been a busy boy over at Ally and Ben's house in Wolverton. Over the two days so far I've painted two and a half ceilings and three walls; I've removed a large quantity of gripper rod; and I've made three trips to the tip with a very heavily laden Volvo 240. (I missed seeing it pass the 180,000 miles mark on the drive to MK - I'll have to watch out for the 180081 moment.)

Tomorrow morning I might just take Jubilee out for a quick spin down to the service block and back. It won't take long. Then more work on the house before driving home.


Davidss said...

"Just north of the bridge seems to be rather a surfeit of bollards.

At the back of the towpath you can see a wall and handrails rising up the bank; there are also some safety rails against the waters edge in the 'same' location.
I believe there are steps behind the wall, making a ready access point to the adjacent road network, which in turn gives access to local shops etc.
I suggest the 'many' bollards are to deal with any variety of boat, and boats, who will want to use the access point for short term mooring.
There are as many short boats as there are long boats, and short boats don't need 60 to 80 feet between mooring bollards, especially when there might be a few boats there, arriving and leaving at different times.


Halfie said...

Davidss, to me, that particular spot seemed unusually well provisioned in the bollard department, when there are many other places on the network lacking in such facilities.

Val Poore said...

What an array of bollards, Halfie! By the way, I'm very impressed by your fatherly dedication!

Sarah said...

All through Leicester there are masses of mooring, provided I think by the council, and no one using them. The only moorings that get used are the BW ones which require a BW key to access them. Strangely, Leicester is a very scary and unwelcoming place. Lots of scary people thronging the riverfront. It's not just us who have found it so. They can't even attract hippy communes of continuous moorers!