Sunday, 8 December 2013

That bridge again, and topping up the heating header tank

Sorry - I couldn't resist sharing another photo of the red iron bridge over the Soar in Leicester.

I think it looks even better end-on.

I reversed Jubilee out of the marina this morning, winded in the marina entrance, and cruised down to the facilities block at Cosgrove. There was a small-scale fishing match opposite the boats with the noisy wind turbines, and no other boats on the move except when I set off from the facilities. The wind was pinning me to the bank, and I had to abort one attempt to get clear when a boat came from behind. Its passing actually helped me get clear, then I winded immediately above Cosgrove Lock. Getting back to the pontoon at the marina is really easy as it's directly in line with the (angled) marina entrance. And we moor bow first.

It was excellent to be boating again, even if it was no more than an hour's worth.

Then I poured water into the central heating header tank, one beer bottle at a time. The beer bottle was the ideal pourer as there is very little space between the filler and the roof of the cupboard it's in. After four pints (OK, slightly less) the water was almost up to the minimum mark so I switched on the Webasto. Hooray - it all worked fine. It's a mystery where all that water went, though. There was nothing obvious in the bilge.

I thought I had left a couple of bottles of antifreeze in that cupboard, but they weren't there. I'll have to top up the antifreeze next time.

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Nev Wells said...

Another good reason to use the beer bottle... you have to drink the beer first !

We lost water from our header tank from a frost damaged overflow. Our system had to have a blow off point otherwise it would have blown back via the header - messy. Ours was on Waterlily and was a back boiler system.