Wednesday, 11 December 2013

nb Birdswood at Langley Mill

Back in April this year we cruised on Shadow up the Erewash Canal to Langley Mill. While we were looking round Great Northern Basin we saw nb Birdswood coming up the top lock.

I wrote about it at the time here, but I've only just got round to posting the photos.

Froghall Wharf is, of course, on the Caldon Canal, but Birdswood was coming to the basin to have some work done before being taken (by road) to Cromford to be used as the trip boat there.

The plaque in the above photo reads: "Great Northern Basin built by William Jessop 1796 restored by ECP&DA [Erewash Canal Preservation and Development Association] 1971 - 73 with financial and other aid generously given by local councils organisations and individuals and by waterway enthusiasts from near and far afield. Opened May 26th 1973"

By the look of the hoses running down the rudder it has some sort of hydraulic propulsion system.

I expect it's all been done now and is merrily plying its trade on the Cromford Canal.

By the way, did anyone else note the significance of ten past nine this morning?

09:10 11/12/13.


Sarah said...

9:10 11/12/13 :-)

Nev Wells said...

Now in service....