Saturday, 14 December 2013

Christmas walk and meal; and another Lizard

Yes, I know it's not yet Christmas, but our walking group, the Humbleyard Hoofers, made its last excursion of 2013, ending with a Christmas lunch in a local pub.

Sandra led our walk, in brilliant sunshine.

This is where we went: The Lizard.

No, not the one in Cornwall. This is on the edge of Wymondham (pronounced "Wind-um", the "wind" as in that which blows (and as in what you do when turning a boat round)) in Norfolk.

I took a few pictures as we skirted a ploughed field ...

... before stopping for coffee.

April was in festive mood.

Towards the end of our not-very-long walk (we didn't want to be late for lunch) a self-timed group photo opportunity presented itself.

I just had time to scamper back up the steps as the camera counted down from ten.

And then it was lunchtime - hooray!

Thank you, Sandra, for organising the walk, and thank you, Jan, for organising the lunch. Both were most enjoyable.

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