Friday, 6 December 2013

Red bridge reflection, and a very cold night on board

My mystery picture must have been too difficult. Here, then, is the uncropped photo.

So the "what" is a bridge; the "where" is what?

I'm spending three nights on Jubilee while I help Ally and Ben with their house. I arrived last night at about midnight - and the boat was FREEZING! Well, all right, not literally, but it was certainly too cold for comfort. It was too late to light the fire; and a quick check on the central heating header tank showed that it was empty. Er, why? So I couldn't put the heating on. The sleeping bag I'd brought was a bit thin; consequently I spent the coldest night I've ever tried to sleep on board, and thats even after I put two blankets on top. At 0500 I piled all my clothes on top as well, but I still woke up cold. I switched on the immersion heater and lit the fire. After what I thought was long enough I got in the shower - but it was cold! Aargh! At least I was able to get dressed in relative warmth.

When I saw A+B today they said there are two sleeping bags on board I can put on top. I will do that now.

If I get any time off from house work I'll investigate the empty header tank problem.


KevinTOO said...

OK so it's a RED BRIDGE and that helps... really?? LOL

In the back of my mind (a large empty void...) I seem to remember a boater saying on their blog that all the bridges through Leicester were painted red... so is it therefore a bridge on the Leicester line of the GU?

Bill.S said...

Got it. It's a splendid bridge. Following KevinTOO's hint I took a Bing aeroplane trip. It is in Leicester, opposite Filbert (car) Park, at OS grid ref SK580032, well below Freeman's Meadow Lo. It takes the main towpath over a once-navigable side arm which is also the River Soar. The main canal is off to the right, the next bridge on which my old Nicholson's calls Mill La Br but now seems to be Walnut St Br. But we are looking down the side arm towards a few remnants of the GCR London Extension; I suppose the basin, with its misleading towpath and winding hole served that. Sneaky, Halfie, but a worthy puzzle.