Monday, 4 November 2013

Turning up the heat

Well, we've finally succumbed. At about 8.00 pm today, 4th November 2013, we switched the central heating on. The outside temperature had dropped to 4.2C and it was feeling a little chilly inside the house. We have had the wood burner going a few times, but if we're now in full CH mode it will probably see action only at weekends.

Of course, many boaters will have had their boat stoves going for weeks, suffusing the autumn air with the intoxicating odour of burning wood. Some will have been burning coal, giving a sharper, more acrid but not unpleasant whiff.

My brother David has just been on Shadow - I bet he had the stove going.

(Above photo taken at Fradley Junction on 5th April 2009)

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