Tuesday, 12 November 2013

It makes you think ...

Two days ago I heard some shocking news. A former colleague, Paul, a technical manager in his late 40s, had died after being in hospital for just three weeks. Cancer had been spreading to many parts of his body without him, or anyone else, noticing. He'd complained of some aches and pains, apparently, but would have shrugged them off. He was a big guy.

Six or so weeks ago I visited work for the first time since leaving in March. It was good to see many friends there, including Paul. We said hello and shook hands, probably talked about how I was getting on in retirement, that sort of thing. He was his usual jovial self.

Today I called in at work again, this time to sign a book of condolence. I saw many familiar faces again, but the atmosphere, as you can imagine, was sombre.

Paul, you were a great colleague.

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Nev Wells said...


So sorry to hear that. A very similar loss at my place. A guy i started working with at the uni lost his battle with cancer he was a year or two older than me. His first son was born a few weeks before our Tom.

They are all reminders of how fragile and short our time is so we have to make the most of it.... get boating biking gardening singing .... I am sure you are, I am following all my interests and have a good work/life balance, not as good as yours !!

Take care