Sunday, 3 November 2013

Mooring plans

The time when we might be able to have our boat back is getting closer. Ally and Ben have moved to a friend's house round the corner from their house, but haven't relinquished Jubilee altogether. As far as I can gather they plan to stay at the friend's house during the week and return to the boat at weekends.

Work is continuing at their house: a wall has been knocked down and more plastering has been done. All the wiring is in place, but there's still wallpaper to strip. I believe the kitchen has been chosen.

[There was meant to be a photo here, but Blogger is playing up]

When we do finally have the boat to ourselves we need to decide where to moor. We had thought of Welford as it's a straightforward journey for us along the A14, but when I compared distances I found that Welford was actually slightly further from home than where the boat is now, at Thrupp Wharf Marina (on the Grand Union). So we are thinking of staying put. Plus we won't have the congested bit of A14 between Cambridge and Huntingdon to battle through.

Another benefit with being close to Wolverton is that A+B could check the boat from time to time in our absence ...

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