Sunday, 30 January 2011

Timelapse: Islington to Pickett's Lock

At last! Here is the first of a series of timelapse films recording our epic cruise from Northolt to Northolt via Hertford, Bishop's Stortford, Limehouse Basin, Thames Flood Barrier, Radcot (almost as far up the Thames as you can go), Brentford and Bull's Bridge. Except that I can't find the first section, from Northolt to Islington. Perhaps I hadn't set up the timelapse camera for that bit.

This timelapse sequence starts on the morning of Monday 16th August 2010 from the north portal of Islington Tunnel, and proceeds via the Hertford Union Canal to the River Lee Navigation as far as Pickett's Lock.

Edited to correct a couple of errors and to add: the film seems to be running very jerkily, not like the original. Perhaps it's my computer.


Captain Ahab said...

How many days cruising is packed into that 4 mins?

Halfie said...

Hardly any! Probably about 6 hours.

hotels in islington said...
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