Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Talk prep going well, but could do with more time!

We made sure the powerpoint on the laptop would work with the projector this evening, and then carried on talking about what we're going to say. We could do with a few more days - but now there's only Thursday evening left.

One thing I'm very pleased about is the timelapse footage. For nearly all of the three weeks of our Lee, Stort and Thames trip I had the timelapse camera going, and it was only this evening when I looked at it back. It has captured all the dramatic incidents, and the pictures look good. I've been delaying uploading these to the blog as my computer is currently extremely short of space. I must do something about that, and then you can enjoy the timelapse too. It's even captured the very moment of my throwing the rope to the passer by when we lost power on the Thames.

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