Sunday, 2 January 2011

Minding the Horsey Gap - seals galore

Adrian phoned this afternoon. Would we like to accompany him to Horsey Gap to see the seals? So we went, and saw.

The grey seals come ashore at this beach on the Norfolk coast in January to breed.

The adults are the black ones, about seven feet long; the pups are white.

The adults occasionally belly-flopped along the beach, but I didn't see any pups move about. They just lay where they were, looking beached and bored.

Scores of people had, like us, squelched across a boggy field and along muddy paths to get to the sand dunes to see the seals.

The sky was dramatic: stratified greys over the sea...

... with a patch of brightness the other side of the sand dunes.


Debbie said...

As always fabulous photo's Halfie, I love the second and last photo the best, the colours in the last one are gorgeous! Debbie.

Debbie said...

Ps... the 5th photo looks like I felt after Christmas Dinner!

Halfie said...

Thanks Debbie.

Captain Ahab said...

That's the North Norfolk coast at its best.