Saturday, 23 October 2010

A Sheffield walk

From Sheffield railway station we took the "Supertram" to White Lane. The tram looks and feels like a modern, spacious bus, and not at all like a train, despite the fact that it runs on rails. And it has overhead cables to provide the power. It seems strange having a mix of rail and road. There are signs warning that the rails can be slippery when wet ... and what happens when the road needs resurfacing? How often do cyclists find their wheels caught in the grooves which take the tram wheel flanges? And what does it feel like driving a bus with no steering wheel? Questions for people who live in Sheffield (or Manchester, Croydon, Nottingham, or Birmingham/Wolverhampton) to answer.

Here are some photos from a short walk we took in Stoneley Wood.

light and shade in the trees


snails in a crack in a wall

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