Friday, 15 October 2010

I tried to buy a copy of Waterways World yesterday ...

... but failed. After bumping into and congratulating a colleague who has just swum the Channel (he's now off work with pneumonia - oops!) I called in to WHSmith to see if Andrew Denny's "first edition" of Waterways World was in.

It was, so I took it to the till. There the sales assistant (as I suppose I'll have to call him, although he did nothing much to assist) was talking to a customer and making a phone call as the queue grew longer. If he had just acknowledged us waiting, and perhaps promised to be with us very soon, I would have stayed. But he ignored us. I went to the other till on the other side of the shop, but there was a queue there too. I put my £3.50 back in my pocket, returned the copy to the rack and walked out.

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Bill Rodgers said...

Sorry, but I think you handled that very badly.(Just kidding.) I would have handed the copy of Waterways World to the "sales ASSistant and said, "Since you don't have time to wait on me, could you put this back when you've got a minute." Then walked out of the store. (Sorry my cap key must have gotten stuck for a moment.) I don't mind waiting when the staff is doing the best they can, but like you, I will not tolerate laziness. Actually, I've done this. (Not with WW, but with other items.)