Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Carthagena Lock and its amazing floral bridge

Have you ever seen a bridge like it? Not only are there hanging baskets suspended from a framework fixed to the rails, but there are also troughs of flowers above. Next to the lock is Carthagena Fishery. Somehow I managed not to take any photos of it.

So here's Jan again on the bridge, but I've doctored the photo a little.

On the way back I did take another photo - do you think the Mercedes belongs to a snooker player?

(I looked up "a1 cue": the first result was something which Bones might understand, but I certainly don't! The expression appears in a paper on neuron research. The paper's title is challenging enough:

The Orbitofrontal Cortex and Ventral 

Tegmental Area Are Necessary for 

Learning from Unexpected Outcomes 

And, incidentally, the URL for the article is on the (very) long side:


That's 431 characters!)

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