Friday, 1 October 2010

New waterways guides

All I wanted yesterday (actually, that's not quite true) was to be able to link* to HarperCollins, the publisher of the Nicholson's Guides, and I found myself at Collins Maps blog. There in front of me were details of a book released that very day (30th September 2010): The Times Waterways of Britain by Jonathan Mosse. It's subheaded "An Illustrated Guide to Britain's stunning waterways".

Looking more coffee table than cabin top, the blurb on the blog says

A highly illustrated hardback book of the navigable waterways of Britain, it is packed with maps of the canals and photographs of scenes along the waterways.

I came across the author while cruising the Leeds and Liverpool Canal in the rain two years ago.

I was cruising, that is; Jonathan Mosse was covering the system by bicycle, researching for the next edition of the Nicholson Guides. In the photo he's getting a GPS fix for the water and elsan points at Burscough Bridge.


On her Lucky Duck blog Amy rues the disappearance of the Nicholson Guide to the Broads and Fens, which went out of print, she says, in the early 1990s. Well, Amy, I have news for you. On the same Collins Maps blog I discovered that there is a new Nicholson Guide to the Norfolk Broads. (Although I expect you're far more interested in the Fens waterways, and there's no mention of them.)

Incidentally, I'm pleased to see that there's no "New Edition" flash on the cover. I have a "New Edition" Nicholson guide (number 1) dated 2000. No doubt there have been several reprints since then, and, no doubt, there will be a new "New Edition" in the fulness of time.

*I didn't get round to putting in the link yesterday.

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