Saturday, 2 October 2010

The Regents Canal bridge that's sometimes there, sometimes not

Monday 16th August 2010

Approaching the Kingsland Road bridge I could see a train on a bridge just beyond, so I snatched a photo. I like capturing trains on railway bridges, and road traffic on road bridges. It justifies their existence!

Through the bridge holes I could see a confusion of kayaks, so we went slowly past as they clung to the bank.

Bing maps shows a similar cache of canoes in the aerial image looking north. But where is the bridge? That vertical strip of rough ground (to the left (west) of the kayaks), bisected by the canal, is the path of the railway.

The railway was evidently being rebuilt when the satellite passed overhead, as in the next image, looking east, there is the new bridge.

For the sake of completeness, here is the same scene looking south...

... and, below, is the Bing Maps image looking west.

An apology: I said two days ago that this post would have been yesterday's offering. I lied. It's a day late.

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