Friday, 7 September 2018

We made it just in time

One of the reasons for our speedy retreat from the waters of the Environment Agency was to be back in CRT land before our EA visitor licence ran out. Another reason was to be back in time to look after our first grandchild while Ally and Ben went off to hospital to have our second one. We left St Neots on Tuesday last week, arriving in Wolverton on Wednesday eight days later. We drove straight to Ally and Ben's house in Cranfield in case we were needed that night; we weren't, but have been staying there to be on hand.

Last night - in the middle of the night - Ally decided it was time, so she and Ben went to MK Hospital. Today, while waiting for news, we did jobs in their house and went to the boat for lunch (actually eating at The Galleon). Josiah had fun feeding the ducks (with oats).

Then we were told we could go and see our new grandson - and here he is.

Dad Ben was exhausted.

I wonder when Grandson no. 2 will make his first boat trip.


Boatwif said...

Congratulations both on your speedy St Neots to Wolverton "cruise" (hardly the right word for such a boaty marathon!) and on being in place for those very important grandparent roles. I am sure you are delighted and relieved in equal measure.
Having cruised home this summer to meet friends at the Bedford River Festival we are now at Northampton en route back to home moorings in North Cheshire... Cranfield and MK are very familiar locations in our off the boat lives.
We did pass you in early August near Pope's Corner, our oldest grandson steering at the time.
Best wishes to you all,
Sue /Boatwif / nb Cleddau

Halfie said...

Sue, thank you. Yes, it all worked out well. I included a photo of your boat in my post here: