Wednesday, 5 September 2018

Back on the canals - phew!

We did another long day today, from Northampton to Wolverton. The train takes 12 or 13 minutes; by boat it took us 11 hours. We said goodbye to the River Nene and queued for the bottom lock of the 17 of the Northampton Arm.

The flight was unlocked slightly earlier than advertised: at 0830 rather than 0900. We were the fourth boat to go up, entering CRT waters at about 0900. Behind us were our friends on Bimble and Constable; Bob on Bimble was single handing so I opened paddles for him as we ascended the flight.

It felt good being back on a canal after almost two months on rivers, creeks, dykes and lodes.

One or two pounds were a bit low, but we all got through OK.

At Cosgrove we crossed over the Great Ouse, a river we have now navigated - albeit downstream of here.

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