Friday, 21 September 2018

A BCF gathering at Fazeley

More people arrived today for the BCF weekend at Fazeley. We hosted several on our boat at various times both before and during a committee meeting. Here are Don and David …

both of whom are on the committee. Jan (stripy top) is here chairing the meeting. (I'm not on the committee, so I was able to welcome Andy and Sue and Chris and Di on board this afternoon.)

This evening we had a social get-together with drinks and nibbles in the church hall; tomorrow there will be a teaching session in the church followed by activities in the afternoon, a barbeque and entertainment in the evening.

There are six boats here altogether: Sonflower, Jubilee, Erin Mae, Ichthus, Ultrea and Spring Water. David and Mary have left Kew at Hawne Basin ready for the Parkhead festival next weekend.

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