Monday, 3 September 2018

Heron eats big fish in five photos

We hadn't been going long this morning when Jan spotted this heron with something in its beak. I grabbed the camera and snapped what I could. Unfortunately the undergrowth got in the way a bit, and we were going away from the action, but I think you can see the heron with a large fish eventually getting it down its neck.

The paralleled railway viaducts carrying the line to Wellingborough from Bedford are impressive. Unlike my photo.

When we got to Wellingborough we topped up with water ...

… which is unnervingly close to the pumpout machine.

We moved away from the noisy flour mill - as much as it is possible to do - and tied up opposite the old mill building, now infested by pigeons.

There is a disgustingly vast amount of guano on a covered balcony. Shall I show you?

All right, then.

This afternoon Ally came to drive me to St Neots so I could retrieve our car. It was odd going past the IWA festival site and seeing it empty again.

Our plan now is to go to Northampton tomorrow and Wolverton on Wednesday, which is where I took the car to. All ready for when Ally has her baby (as long as it doesn't come before then).

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