Thursday, 10 May 2018

CRT workers' radio disturbs the peace of the canal

As we approached Brownsover yesterday my ears were assailed by loud music coming from, of all places, a CRT work boat.

It's the sort of thing you come to expect on a building site ... but on a canal? A site radio was on top of the boat blaring out rock music at high level.

As we passed I commented on the intrusiveness of the loud music.

Me: "Does it need to be so loud?"
Worker: "Why, is it disturbing you?"
Me: "Not just me, but anyone else who might be expecting peace and quiet."

To the worker's credit he did turn it down but, of course, I don't know what happened to the volume after we had gone.

I had thought CRT was keen to promote canals and rivers as havens of tranquillity. If so, it needs to tell its staff.

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