Sunday, 13 May 2018

Braunston to Crick; Crick to Welford Junction

Another fine boating day we've had today. Mostly sunny, not much wind. But a quick summary of yesterday first: we set off from Butcher's Bridge shortly after 0800 and had an uneventful passage up the locks and through Braunston Tunnel. Indigo Dream had departed in the other direction half an hour earlier, steered by Graham.

At Norton Junction we turned left onto the Leicester Section. We stopped to chat to Angela and David of Norfolk Belle at Welton Hythe Marina with their daughter Sarah. At the bottom of Watford Locks we had to wait 1.5 hours so we had lunch, then I helped lock a boat down the flight.

We tied up at Crick at about 1600 just beating the rain. Hazel from Charis came for a chat in the evening.

Today we went to St. Margaret's Church for their (quite noisy) family service with baptism, after which Hazel gave me a lift to Rugby so I could get the car. I drove back to Crick via Aldi.

We had a salad lunch on board, then we set off northwards. The weather, as I've mentioned, was pretty perfect.

We stopped at the moorings just before Welford Junction at 1630. I erected the TV aerial and tested the reception, which was good. The only thing we use the television for is my watching of the Formula 1 Grand Prix, which I did from 1800 to 2000, then I derigged the aerial and put it all away again (until two weeks' time). I must get a cover for the TV, for the 99.4% of the time it is unwatched. I could prop a picture up against it, I suppose ...

This was our view from our mooring at Welford Junction.

I've just had an idea! That would make a good photo for the TV. Just need to print it nice and big ...

Tomorrow we plan to get to Market Harborough.

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Vallypee said...

Lovely photos, Halfie. It looks as if you are having wonderful weather for your cruising.